Qantas planes collide at LAX

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Qantas planes, pictured at Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport. Picture: Getty Images Source: Getty Images

TWO Qantas passenger jets have collided with each other at Los Angeles International Airport, damaging both aircraft.

The wing tips of a superjumbo A380 and a Boeing 747 struck around 4pm AEST as the planes were being towed out of a hangar. No passengers were on board.

The damage was substantial enough to force the cancellation of flight QF94 to Melbourne and QF16 to Brisbane.

The incident comes after the troubled airliner this week announced plans to slash more than 5000 jobs, retire ageing planes and sell off terminals in an attempt to cut costs by $2 billion over three years.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce announced the drastic cuts on Thursday. Picture: AAP Source: AAP

Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association federal secretary Steve Purvinas - whose members are responsible for some of the airline's maintenance - said on Twitter he estimated the repair bill would run into the millions.

"Qantas A380 and B747 will be on the deck for a long time after accident in LAX," he said. "Thankfully the collision was on the ground."

A Qantas spokeswoman told the damage bill claims were "unsubstantiated".



The airliner has launched an investigation and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has been notified.

CASA spokesman Peter Gibson said the agency deployed extra safety inspectors to the Qantas bases across Australia following yesterday's announcement.

Qantas said customers would be put up in hotel rooms and accommodated on the next available flight.

While uncommon, collisions between taxiing aircraft do occur.

In August, a Virgin Australia plane carrying 175 passengers collided with an empty Jetstar plan at Melbourne Airport, causing $3 million damage.

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Hackett’s ex-wife horrified by casino meltdown

Grant Hackett and Candice Alley with their children in happier times. Source: News Limited

Candice Alley says she is "filled with horror" over Grant Hackett's casino meltdown, in which he lost their son and ended up wandering semi-naked through Crown casino.

Breaking a two-year public silence on the controversial collapse of her marriage to the troubled Olympic swimmer, Alley told the Herald Sun she now feared for the safety of the couple's four-year-old twins, Charlize and Jagger.

Grant Hackett was photographed with just a singlet around his waist trying to find his son Jagger. Source: NewsComAu

Candice Alley with son Jagger this week. Picture: David Caird Source: Supplied

"These latest allegations fill me with horror," she said.

"The thought of our children being at risk, by either allegedly wandering around a hotel in the middle of the night or being left alone in a hotel room, is extremely shocking to me."

Read more of this story at The Herald-Sun .

Grant Hackett was photographed in the Crown casino foyer shirtless, searching for hisfour-year-old son. Courtesy Channel Ten

Grant Hackett left Australia for a rehabilitation clinic in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Picture: Supplied Source: HeraldSun

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‘We can’t sleep, we can’t breathe’

It may take up to 10 days for authorities to get on top of the fire. Picture: News Corp Australia Source: News Corp Australia

THE smoke is making their lives impossible.

Distraught residents of Morwell, Victoria, say the coalmine fire that has been blazing nearby for almost three weeks is pushing them to the edge.

The fire blazes near Morwell on February 25. Picture: AP/Incident Control Centre Source: News Corp Australia

People aged over 65, preschool-age children, pregnant women and anyone with a pre-existing heart or lung condition have been urged to leave Morwell South, the residential area closest to the mine.

Many in the town are angry with the response by authorities, and heckled them in Morwell during their Friday media conference about the temporary relocation.

"We can't sleep, we can't go outside, we can't breathe," said Estelle Landy through tears. "There's people in the street wearing masks every day.

Firefighters continue to fight the blaze on land and in helicopter. Picture: AP/Incident Control Centre Source: AP

"Everyone here shows you there's a problem and nothing's done at all. They tell us to stay and we can't.

"You can't continue to allow this to happen."

Chief health officer Rosemary Lester said the advice for those deemed vulnerable was a precautionary measure.

"This is not an evacuation," she said. "It is an advice for a temporary relocation until the air quality improves."

Breathing masks: Sherridan Newman, 4 and Sheniqua Gunton,5 are moving out to Inverloch with their families because of the crisis. Picture: Mike Keating Source: News Corp Australia

Premier Dennis Napthine has urged residents to follow the health officer's advice. Picture: Herald Sunat Source: News Corp Australia

Dr Lester defended the timing of the stepped-up advice, given fire authorities had already said it would take at least another fortnight to get on top of the blaze.

"The advice up until now has been appropriate for the length of exposure," she said.

"Because we know now that the exposure is likely to continue, we think now is the right time to increase the advice to temporary relocation."

It's expected to take at least another 10 days to get on top of the fire in the Hazelwood open-cut mine.

Dr Lester said moving temporarily would be the best way for vulnerable people to avoid the continuing smoke.

Blackened earth: A section of the ablaze mine. Picture: Herald Sun Source: News Corp Australia

The continued advice to other residents is to take temporary breaks from the smoke, to stay indoors and avoid physical activity outside.

Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley said in the best case it would be another 10 days before the fire stops putting significant smoke and ash over Morwell, but authorities are concerned about two hot and windy days next week.

Premier Denis Napthine urged people to follow the chief health officer's advice, but said there was no compulsion for people to relocate.

The fire has forced a judge to twice move a criminal trial 50km away to Sale, while Australia Post has suspended delivery to Morwell street addresses and several schools, kindergartens and childcare centres in Morwell have also been closed or relocated to nearby towns.

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Truth about The Bachelor ‘nightmare’ revealed

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The Bachelor is an "a**hole" says Andi Dorfman, who eliminated herself from the show last night. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

"A**hole": The Bachelor's Juan Pablos Galavis Source: Getty Images

HISTORY was made on US television last night when a reality show contestant told The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis — and millions of viewers — that he was an "a**hole".

Lawyer Andi Dorfman described her night alone with Juan Pablo in a "fantasy suite" as a "nightmare" she could not wait to end.

She didn't even like the guy, let alone love him. In fact, the thought of spending another moment with him was so unbearable that she had decided to leave the show.

"Not once did he really ask anything about me," Dorfman told the cameras. "I'm not unsure. I know he's not the one."

She accused Juan Pablo of being "inappropriate" and called him out for constantly using the "language barrier" defence.

He used "honesty" as an excuse for making hurtful comments, was selfish and sexist, she said.

"There's a difference between being honest and being an a**hole," Dorfman told him during their date.

Equally amazing, as Huffington Post columnist Emma Gray pointed out, was that the show's producers allowed her comments to be aired.

"The fact that Andi announced the relationship was over before Juan Pablo had a chance to — and was allowed by ABC to do so — is damn near revolutionary in the Bachelor world," Gray wrote.

"Like (former contestant) Sharleen Joynt who placed out (by choice) before her, Andi just didn't want to date Juan Pablo and wasn't going to fake it once she realised that for sure."

And in news just in, Dorfman has been tipped as the frontrunner for the next season of The Bachelorette. Well played.

READ MORE: Juan Pablo made headlines when he said he didn't want to see gay people on The Bachelor and went on to suggest he doesn't "understand" gay parenting.

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Why we love this Qantas route

Dubai airport, a favourite stopover for Qantas passengers. Source: Flickr

IT'S the new route that has quickly become the jewel in troubled Qantas's crown.

Flying from Sydney or Melbourne to Dubai has become a popular stopover on the way to Europe, but the Emirati is also increasingly becoming a sought-after destination in its own right.

While some Australian travellers were initially wary of flying through the Middle Eastern city due to differing laws and customs, it has now become passengers' favourite airline route.

This is one piece of good news that came out of a devastating announcement by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce this morning that 5000 jobs will be cut due to the company's massive $252 million loss.

"Our tie-up with Emirates has had an overwhelming positive customer response, and the Sydney and Melbourne to Dubai routes have the highest satisfaction levels of our international network," Mr Joyce said.

The route, which is less than a year old, gives passengers one-stop access to 33 European destinations including Paris and Barcelona, meaning there's no need to stop via London as well.

So why do people love flying to Dubai?

I was lucky enough to visit the Emirate a few months ago and was definitely wowed. If I had to describe it in just two words, they would be "opulence" and "intrigue". Dubai is home to a series of skyscrapers including the world's tallest, the Burj Khalifa, along with the spectacular man-made Palm Island and royal suites so lavish that they will make your eyes boggle.

Here are some of the highlights of flying to Dubai:

The planes are newer

Passengers flying from Sydney or Melbourne to Dubai will travel on Qantas A380s planes, which are quieter, newer and have more comfortable seats than some other aircraft in the airline's fleet.

A Qantas Airbus A 380. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

It's quicker to fly via Dubai to Europe

Qantas says the total travel time (in-flight and on-ground) to the top 10 destinations in Europe is an average of 2 hours 15 minutes less via Dubai from Sydney to Melbourne compared to the former Qantas network via Asia. Some other examples: Sydney to Manchester 2hrs 15mins hrs faster, Brisbane to Barcelona 5hrs 25 mins and Melbourne to Milan 3hrs 45 mins faster.

The airport is amazing

The second-busiest airport in the world, it's shiny and new. You can shop till you drop at the world's largest airport duty-free shop, buy gold bars, go for a swim, or have a rest in the "Snoozecubes" which can be rented from under $20 an hour. It also features some amazing (and massive) business and first lounges.

Inside Dubai Airport. Picture: Dubabinder Source: Flickr

It's home to the tallest tower in the world

If you want a view like no other, the 828-metre high Burj Khalifa won't disappoint. The whopping 160 storey tower is the epitome of sky-high extravagance.

The view from the Burj Khalifa. Picture: Kate Schneider Source: NewsComAu

There are UNDERWATER hotel rooms

You can sleep (and bathe) with the fish — and stingrays — at the iconic Atlantis hotel.

The underwater room at the Atlantis. Picture: Kate Schneider Source: NewsComAu

Atlantis the Palm hotel in Dubai. Picture: Supplied By Kernzner Hotels Source: Supplied

You can live like royalty

If you have $24,000 to spend for one night in a hotel room, this is the one you'd want. Welcome to the Royal Suite at the Burj al Arab. The lavish 780 square metre suite is one of the most expensive in the world.

Kate Schneider takes us inside the worlds most expensive hotel suite, the Burji Al Arab in Dubai.

The Royal Suite. Picture: Kate Schneider Source: NewsComAu

The Burj al Arab. Picture: Kate Schneider Source: NewsComAu

You can have dinner in the desert

Dinner In The Desert. Picture: Arabian adventure. Source: Supplied

You can relax and soak up the culture

Dubai, UAE. Source: Supplied

You can visit the world's largest shopping centre

The 1,124,000 square metre Dubai Mall opened in 2008 with about 635 retailers and is part of the Downtown Dubai complex, which has 1200 shops. Ladies, this includes the largest collection of shoes. You can also find the world's most expensive cupcake here, and an aquarium.

Dubai mall. Picture: PYB Source: Flickr

You can go skiing

It may be scorching outside, but you can still hit the slopes.

Adventure Dubai skiing at the Mall of the Emirates. Picture: Supplied Source: News Limited

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Seven to air Corby program

CHANNEL Seven will air unseen footage of Schapelle Corby on its Sunday Night program this weekend.

The segment, which the network is promoting on its Facebook page, is a pull-together of previously unseen footage of Corby and her interactions with family members in order to get past the Indonesian intervew ban.

Mercedes, may be interviewed as the ban does not apply to her.

Aspokeswomanfor Sunday Night told News Corp: "There's no interview with Schapelle, and no payment was made.

Schapelle Corby is ecstatic as she is driven away from Kerobokan.

"It's a compelling piece of journalism that captures the moments and days after Schapelle stepped behind the door of the villa and experienced freedom for the first time in nine-and-a-half years."

The footage shows an overwhelmed Corby, her face shrouded in the scarf and hat she wore when leaving prison, being driven from Kerobokan.

The footage shows a beaming Schapelle Corby Skypeing her relatives in Australia after her release.

Hunched over in the back seat, Croby utters her first words since leaving prison: "I feel like a, I feel like a crab."

Arriving at the exclusive Sentosa Seminyak resort, Corby squeals in delight as she greets her family, jumping and down in excitement.

Her brother-in-law Wayan, the husband of her sister Mercedes, thrusts his fist into the air in jubilation.

Taking her scarf and hat off, she embraces her sister Mercedes and hugs her nephew and niece.

Schapelle Corby has been holed up in a luxury Bali resort courtesy of Seven since her release after serving nine years for smuggling drugs into Bali.

The Indonesian government has blocked her tell-all interview with veteran journalist Mike Willesee, threatening to breach her parole and send her back to jail.

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New laws a first for motorcyclists

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Get on your bike: new laws have been announced for motorcyclists in NSW. Source: News Limited

LANE filtering by motorcyclists today is legal in NSW in an Australian first aimed at easing traffic congestion and boosting road safety.

The practice involves riders travelling between lanes of halted or slow-moving cars, usually in central city areas. This includes motorcycles travelling within a lane, on the lane line or into the adjacent lane when filtering.

Government approval of the practice, announced this evening by NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay, follows a three-month trial in Sydney CBD areas.

NSW roads and ports minister Duncan Gay has announced new laws for motorcyclists. Picture: Damian Shaw Source: Supplied

It is expected to provide a model for all other states where laws on the practice are vague and most riders are unsure whether they are within the law. Police services have been among the groups seeking clarification of the legal position.

Filtering speeds up gridlocked traffic by removing motorcycles from the queues, and lessens the risk of riders being rear-ended by car drivers, the most-common motorcycle accident.

"Ultimately riders are doing drivers a big fat favour by lane filtering and reducing congestion for all. This also highlights the fact that the community consultation process in NSW is alive and well," said Christopher Burns, spokesman for the Motorcycle Council of NSW.

"Lane Filtering also has the benefit of reducing congestion as motorcycles are not taking up the equivalent of a car space and with close to 4000 motorcycles travelling into the Sydney CBD every weekday one can easily estimate the benefits to car drivers."

Motorcyclists will now be able to travel between lanes of halted or slow-moving cars. Source: News Limited

The practice has restrictions.

During the trials riders were not allowed to travel through moving traffic, known as lane splitting, or allowed to overtake to the left of a vehicle in the left-hand lane.

When traffic was queued at intersections, riders could move forward but had to stop behind the stop-line. And riders were not allowed in bus-only lanes.

Car and truck drivers will now have to get used to the possibility that a motorcycle might be squeezing past them in stalled traffic.

Drivers will be urged to watch both their mirrors and look for motorbikes filtering through the traffic, and riders will have to assess risks and if it looks dangerous, ride accordingly.

The Motorcycle Council congratulated Mr Gay and the Government for legalising what Mr Burns said had been "common practice for motorcycle riders across the country and overseas for decades".

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Editor attacked with cleaver

Attacked...Kevin Lau, former editor of the Ming Pao newspaper, was brutally attacked with a cleaver. Picture: AFP Source: AFP

THE former editor of a Hong Kong newspaper whose ouster triggered protests over media freedom and Beijing's influence, is in a critical condition after being attacked with a cleaver, authorities say.

Kevin Lau, former editor of the liberal Ming Pao newspaper, was hacked in broad daylight on Wednesday by two men who escaped on a motorbike in the Chai Wan district where the newspaper's headquarters is located, police said.

Lau, who was known for hard-hitting political investigations before being reassigned as chief editor in January, was confronted when he got out of his car.

"One of them alighted from the motorcycle and used a chopper to attack the victim," police spokesman Simon Kwan told a press conference outside the hospital where Lau was being treated.

"He suffered three wounds, one in his back and two in his legs," Kwan said, adding that the wound to his back was deep.

Injured...Kevin Lau, former editor of the Ming Pao newspaper, being wheeled in on a stretcher after he was attacked with a cleaver in broad daylight. Picture: AFP/Apple Daily Source: AFP

A government spokesman said Lau was in a critical condition.

Lau was replaced by a pro-Beijing editor from Malaysia, prompting protests by staff who feared the move was an attempt to stifle the paper's strong track record of investigative reporting.

Critics said the sidelining was politically motivated as the city undergoes a debate over the future of its political system, 17 years after the handover from British rule, and as concerns mount that Beijing is seeking to tighten control.

Protesters took to the streets again on the weekend over what they said was the erosion of press freedom.

Earlier this month two reports from international media watchdogs said self-censorship was becoming commonplace.

Fight...Pro-democracy protesters hold a picture of former Ming Pao editor Kevin Lau during a demonstration outside a hospital in Hong Kong. Picture: AP Source: AP

Under a deal struck between London and Beijing, the semi-autonomous territory of seven million is guaranteed freedom of speech among other liberties that China's mainland residents are denied.

Media groups, which have raised concerns over a series of sackings of high-profile media figures, called on the police to pursue Lau's attackers.

"We strongly condemn violence and urge the police to take action," said Hong Kong Journalists Association chairman Sham Yee-lan.

The Foreign Correspondents' Club said it was shocked over the incident and urged authorities to address the growing number of attacks against members of the press.

"Hong Kong's reputation as a free and international city will suffer if such crimes go unsolved and unpunished," it said in a statement.

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Refs stuff up huge call then flee

With just five seconds remaining in a Texas schoolgirls regional basketball final, the match's referees have inexplicably run off the court after being unable to decide the conditions under which a late foul occurred, and declared the game over!

Run, refs, run! Source: YouTube

That was clearly the only thought going through the heads of these three basketball referees when they stuffed up a pivotal call in double overtime.

There was a lot riding on the game — it was a regional final between two girls' high school teams. Basketball doesn't get any bigger.

The Celina Ladycats were trailing Argyle by just one point with 4.8 seconds left. Kynese Davis, otherwise known as the miniature, female reincarnation of Michael Jordan, was racing up the court with the ball. She snapped a last ditch shot from behind the three point line.

FOUL! Davis was fouled as she shot the ball, with time still left on the clock. She strolled to the free throw line, ready to sink two buckets and win the game.

There was just one problem. The referees hadn't called the foul. They got it all wrong.

As both teams looked on, completely dumbfounded, the three officials fled the court. Or, as ocker Aussie rugby star Nick Cummins might say, they scarpered from the scene like rats up a drainpipe.

We haven't seen a finer set of Forrest Gump impersonations in years.

Their Forrest Gump impersonations were very convincing. Source: News Limited

The missed call was so ridiculous that the Ladycats' coach, Jordan Davis, ran after the fleeing referees yelling, 'Are you kidding me!?"

Obviously, the officials were too busy scarpering to explain their decision at the time. A statement was released later, implying they'd made a judgment call that time had run out before the foul.

It hadn't. And that still doesn't explain why they left the court so briskly.

One veteran referee said it was "the worst ending to a basketball game I've ever seen in my many years of officiating".

That just about sums it up.

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Bieber to face fresh assault charges

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Cell phone footage shows Justin Bieber enjoying the beach in Panama, days after his arrest in Florida.

JUSTIN Bieber has turned himself into police in Toronto to face an assault charge dating back to December. Oh, and Americans want him permanently deported from the USA as well...

According to CBC news, the 19-year-old will be charged in connection to the alleged assault of a limousine driver who drove Bieber and his entourage around on December 29, 2013.

He'll be given a notice to appear in court at a later date.

As if he doesn't have enough problems, …Bieber now also faces the threat of deportation from his adopted home of America, after thousands of people signed a petition to get him kicked out of the country.

Justin Bieber hands himself over to police in Toronto

The White House will review a petition calling for Justin Bieber to be deported from the US after 100,000 people signed it.

In just a few days, the petition, which is titled "Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card", reached 100,000 signatures, meaning it will automatically be reviewed by White House staff, who must officially respond to it.

The petition was posted online on January 23, the day after the Canadian pop star was arrested for DUI and resisting arrest in Miami, and it's still going strong.

The petition reads: "We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture.

Singer Justin Bieber performs onstage in Los Angeles in December. Source: AFP

"We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing, Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked.

"He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nation's youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society."

Biebs, who's been licking his wounds on the beaches of Panama, will appear in front of a judge on February 14.

In a new interview with GQ, Bieber's manager Scooter Braun has said that he needs to let Bieber make his own "mistakes".

justin bieber Source: DailyTelegraph

"It's the same as being with a kid growing up, as a parent. There is a point where you guide them and there's a point where you feel like you've planted enough seeds and you watch them make mistakes.

"My responsibility is to always be there when they fall, always be there to help them get back up. But at some point I need to let them fail, because if they don't they're going to have no humanity."

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Cop's letter to the partner he had to kill

Massachusetts State Trooper Christopher Coscia had tears streaming down his face as he wrote about his K-9 partner Dante. Screengrab via ABC. Source: Supplied

A POLICE officer who had to make the heartbreaking decision to put down his loyal German Shepherd partner has written a touching tribute to the dog.

Massachusetts State Trooper Christopher Coscia reluctantly put down his K-9 Unit partner Dante because the dog was suffering from seizures caused by pulmonary hypertensions that were disrupting the flow of oxygen to his heart.

"I write this story with tears in my eyes and flowing freely down my face," Mr Coscia wrote in an open letter. "Most dogs are just dogs, but you sometimes run into ones that are somehow as much human as they are dog."

Dante was Mr Coscia's partner for nine years.

"He was my first dog," Mr Coscia told New York Daily News . "I spent 70 hours a week with my dog. He was always there."

Read the letter in full:

"It was a cold snowy day, training was cancelled due to the snowstorm, and I was left with the unenviable task of when I should make the decision to put my partner of nearly nine years to sleep.

Dante was a great dog. He was big, beautiful, black and tan shepherd. I often described him as a look-a-like for the dog in the show "Run Joe Run," for those old enough to remember that program. He had a regal look, with his big head, ears and large stature. He had his own personality. Most dogs are just dogs, but you sometimes run into ones that are somehow as much human as they are dog. A Type A dog was only to be touched by those closest to him, and sometimes not even by them.

Dante suffered from pulmonary hypertensions and had to be put down. Source: Facebook

Dante was best described as a one-person dog, and as tough as he was for other people to get close to, our relationship never wavered. Every morning when I opened the door to his kennel he would jump up on me, wrap his paws around my waist, get his morning greeting and pat from me, storm up the stairs, and push the door open ready to go to work.

During Dante's career he was able to answer calls in towns as far west as Lee, North Adams, and Shutesbury, and calls as far east as Brighton, and even, for a few of his last successful calls, on the South Shore. Once he was able to track and locate a guy who had just murdered his girlfriend, and another time he located a cash seizure that was several times greater than the previous largest seizure in Commonwealth history.

During his career he helped to rid the streets of drugs. He was able to locate and assist in the seizure of more than 1,000 grams of Heroin, more than 8,600 grams of cocaine (one seizure alone of more than 7 lbs that had been canned mechanically), more than 1,000 lbs of marijuana, and more than $14,000,000 in cash.

Dante was very intelligent; one day when I was out with him I made the mistake of teaching him to open the cruiser door - a task which took five minutes once I showed him how.

From that, Dante figured out that doors open with handles, and all you have to do is grab them with your mouth and pull or turn. He took this new knowledge and taught himself to slide open the door that separated us in the cruiser, his way to always be close to me. While on patrol he would occasionally stick his head through for his occasional ear rub. When you see such a powerful, intelligent dog so helpless at times somehow made the events that follow even harder.

It all started one day while taking Dante out to his kennel. He collapsed on me, falling like a rock with no control of his body. After several tests it was obvious to the vet that Dante had pulmonary hypertension, a disease of unknown cause that prevented him from getting enough oxygen to his lungs and making him collapse. The right side of his heart was enlarged, causing poor blood circulation. As the weeks went on, he started getting seizures because of the same lack of oxygen to his brain. He had one of these seizures in the yard the other day, and after I sat on the ground in the snow with him patting him calmly waiting for it to be over, I came in the house.

Upon walking in, to my dismay, I realised my wife and two children had been intently watching us to make sure all was okay. But it wasn't and when I walked in the door, my wife and daughter were crying, knowing what was to be coming, possibly sooner than we were ready.

My son was sitting very sombrely, thinking if we don't dwell on it things it will get better.

My son and daughter were 3 and 1 when I, respectively, when I got Dante. They knew him practically their entire lives.

The day came when it was time to take him to the vet for the inevitable. After more than 2,300 rides that we took together, the dog who had trouble making out to the yard just feet away sat upright in his car for One Last Ride.

It was a ride I had I delayed for eight hours, just driving around with him as we did so many times, struggling with the decision to put him down. He sat upright, alert as ever, checking the perimeter always on guard. How does the dog who can barely breathe remain upright and vigilant for so long?

I sit here writing this obituary in a parking lot not two miles before we reached our final destination. My story is as written, and although it jumps about it is written from the heart. I write this story with tears in my eyes and flowing freely down my face. Dante is still somehow sitting upright watching me as I write about him, every once in a while sticking his head through the cage, letting me know things will be all right. But the more he reassures me, the more I wonder if what I am doing is right. I am glad he made it through the holidays. My wife's birthday was yesterday. I did not want to do that to her; for her to remember her birthday as the day we put down Dante would forever bring a tear to her eye. Much as it does to me as I write this with every new thought and remembrance of my partner, each paragraph brings a new thought and anguish for me.

Respectfully submitted.

Trooper Christopher Coscia

Massachusetts State Police K9 Section

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Is this 'haunted' road the coolest in the world?

Welcome to Bregagh Road. Known as the Dark Hedges, this road has featured in Game of Thrones. Courtesy: YouTube

The Dark Hedges in Ireland. Picture: Thinkstock Source: Supplied

TUCKED away in Northern Ireland, near the village of Armoy lies a stunning site: A row of Beech trees that curve in crazy cool ways. Welcome to Bregagh Road.

The trees, planted by the Stuart family in the 18th century to dress up the road towards their manor, sit intertwined, creating a truly bizarre site in any season.

Rumour has it a ghost haunts the Dark Hedges. Picture: Thinkstock Source: Supplied

Now called The Dark Hedges by locals and tourists alike (Northern Ireland started using images from the road in their tourism campaigns in the late 1990s), the site has been used for scenes from Game of Thrones.

The road features in Game of Thrones. Source: Supplied

Rumour has it that the supernatural "Grey Lady" now haunts the road, especially the last beech tree at dusk. Some say she is the ghost of a maid from a nearby house who died in mysterious circumstances centuries ago. Another theory is that she's a lost spirit from an abandoned graveyard that's believed to lie hidden nearby.

The road has featured in tourism campaigns for Ireland. Picture: John5199, Flickr Source: Supplied

To get here, drive northwest about 80 kilometres from Belfast off Antrim Coastal Road.

Happy trails!

It's a striking site. Picture: IrishFireside, Flickr Source: Supplied

You won't forget this road trip. Picture: David Jones, Flickr Source: Supplied

'This story originally appeared on the Huffington Post.

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